Your best friend can be your best protector

Trained to be the best for you

A dog is a man’s best friend, goes the cliché. They are indeed great companions & a dog handler with his dogsecurity guards of our house, also one of our family members. Can you imagine these four-legged creatures helping at crime locations or protecting our properties? Yes, they actually do it, have done as far as we can remember. We have specially trained dogs who help in detection of crime or other illegal activities. For instance, they can locate explosives or drugs or even criminals. These dogs are accompanied by their respective dog handler. A dog handler is a skilled and trained person who works with such specially trained dogs, trained by such companies like They both work as a team in the identification of crimes or for protecting personal property of someone. Some teams work for professional shows too.

Now, let’s see how to be a dog handler

First of all, he should be passionate about dogs. He must study dog’s behaviour and related patterns with keen interest. He must understand and interpret a dog’s responses properly and correctly. There is no set of formal qualifications to be a dog handler; however, a college degree is a plus. The most important aspect is to undergo certain training courses in which a person learns to train dogs and react to their senses. You have to gain valid certifications from the institutions to operate as a dog handler.

Treat them with respect & they will do right by you

To be a dog handler, you must be patient, confident and friendly with the dogs. You should treat your dog as a team member and not as a help animal. Also, you have to physically fit and also take appropriate care of your companion. On the same parlance, dog handlers also have to train their dogs according to the situations such as routine activities, security reasons or for locating something. If you think that you possess the requisite qualities and competence of a dog handler, then this field is absolutely for you!